Simmons Trail Camera – Simmons Whitetail Trail Camera Series

Simmons trail camera 11Who doesn’t know Simmons Trail Camera? This product has been very popular in the world. One of the best products of the trail camera by Simmons is Simmons Whitetail Trail Camera Night Vision Camera. It has several good features such as lightweight and rugged as well as slim design that is very easy to fit in the accessory kit you have. The design of this camera is very low profile and it can be hidden and kept everywhere out of sight. For example it can be hidden in the bushes, trees, etc. It can be closed in the stock case. Another feature that is very amazing for you is the night vision imagery that comes with IR LED Flash. It is 18 IR LED Flash that is almost invisible for any games. The offered effective range with this LED flash is 40 feet.

Other feature of this simmons trail camera see at trailcameracritics which is Long Battery Life as well as SD Card Support. The battery of this camera is supported by battery and batteries in 4 AA size. The battery life can be extended up to 6 months. So, you can use this camera for both trailing of the game and seasonal hunting. The batteries are not the only one advantage, the SD card can be up to 32 gigabyte and it of course provides you sufficient amount of spaces for images and videos.

The other feature is the 6 Megapixel HQ Pictures as well as 480×640 Video. Simmons trail camera in this series will record images and videos in very good quality result. The each detail of the videos and images can be seen as well with precision. This camera can take the images with five or six megapixel resolution. The videos can be recorded as well in 480×640 resolutions. But, talking about the detail, they are very amazing in detail. Will you buy this camera?