Heat Pump Prices to Note before Purchasing a Heat Pump

heat pump prices 27The price of the heat pump you intend on buying is surely a price you should know before you purchase your heat pump. The prices of heat pumps are things you can find online now. The prices vary depending on categories. The prices also vary according to brands. For example, an Amana heat pump is offered at $1,740 while an American Standard one is priced at $2,445. A heat pump from Carrier could be even more expensive since it is priced at $2,495. One of the most expensive is a heat pump from Trane which is available at $2,820, a price which is unquestionably very high.

The heat pump prices offered to prospective purchasers could also vary according to system sizes. For example, a 1.5 tons heat pump is offered at $1,365. This price is lower than the prices mentioned earlier. However, the heavier the product is, the higher its price is usually. While a 1.5 tons unit is priced at $1,365, a 2 tons one is offered at $1,530. Of course, a 2.5 tons unit will be more expensive at $1,695. The most expensive one will be the 5 tons unit. A 5 tons unit could be priced at $2,195. Sizes are not the last things determining heat pumps’ prices, though.

Efficiency ratings are also among the things determining the prices of heat pumps. For example, a 13-14 SEER, which is a standard efficiency type of heat pump, is priced at $1,760. The higher the efficiency ratings are, the higher the prices will be. A 15-16 SEER heat pump is offered at $2,080. A 19+ SEER heat pump is priced at around $3,850. Keep those prices in your notes if a heat pump is a product you intend on affording and installing in the comfortable residence you dwell in.